Vista Color Featured on Local 10 News

3 Jun

By Todd Tongen

Is the recession over in Florida?

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South Florida business owner Henry Serrano may as well be printing money because Vista Color, the business his father founded in 1968, is rebounding from the recent recession — big time.

“When I started with my family, there were three of us and we sold $80,000 a year,” Serrano said. “This year, we are on target for $15 million in sales.”

According to the University of Florida, the recession officially began December of 2007. This month, consumer confidence in our state is the highest it’s been since the start of the downturn.

Thanks to new products, updated technology and a stronger economy, Serrano agrees.

“Our company has seen a 25 percent increase in sales from last year to this year,” he said. “We are starting to see practically a new customer opening up a new account weekly. Our accountant is busier, our vendors are busier and it just goes down the whole supply chain.”

Vista Color’s business has rebounded so well they are moving into a new warehouse in Doral that is a third larger than their old facility.

“We had seen a couple buildings back in 2010 and the price from then to now is about a 40 percent increase,” said Levine Realty Broker Alan Magluta.

Magluta. who brokered the Vista Color deal, says both residential and commercial real estate is on the rise. In fact, the recently released Case-Shiller Index of Real Estate Values shows South Florida property values have been on the rise for 15 months. That is the longest

streak since the real estate crash in 2006.

“A lot of companies that suffered during the recession have retooled and they are starting to grow, so there is a lot of demand for new buildings,” Magluta said.

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Vista Color’s Success is in the Box

10 Aug

By Joseph A. Mann Jr.

You may not have heard of Vista Color Corp., but chances are its product is all over your house.

Vista Color’s principal business is producing folding boxes for manufacturers of pharmaceuticals and other medical supplies, processed food, liquor, perfume and many other products. Boxes made by Vista Color contain medications, adhesive bandages, nasal strips, Goya frozen foods as well as Bacardi, Appleton Estate and Flor de Caña spirits.

The Miami company also provides custom products and services, including high quality multicolor printing, blister card and clamshell packaging, die making and graphic design.

“A customer comes to us and says, ‘I need a box for this widget,’ ” said Juan Roque, Vista Color’s vice president. “We work with them, design it and produce it. In a nutshell, we’re a folding carton manufacturer.”

Vista Color cartons range from simple multicolor adhesive bandage boxes, to complex folding cartons with compartments and embossed cartons printed in rich colors, adorned with foil and showing the product through a plastic window.

The family-owned company, founded by Jesus Serrano in 1968, has 85 employees, logged sales of about $12 million last year from folding cartons and has about 300 active customers, Roque said.

In its factory, an impressive array of high-tech equipment helps in designing mockups, making plates, printing in seven colors, adding foil and embossed textures, checking quality and packing boxes for shipment. The company also has graphic designers, a department that makes the dies and employees who are part of a multilevel approval process to assure that texts, numbers, colors, etc. in mockups are exactly what the customer ordered.

“You need a lot of skills, specialized machinery and high-technology equipment to produce folding boxes,” Roque said.

Vista Color started out working in color separation and then grew into a high-quality commercial printer, Roque said. In 1998, the company began its folding carton operations.

Roque, who formerly ran South Florida printing operations for Baxter Pharmaceuticals, moved to Vista Color with 12 colleagues when Baxter outsourced its printing section and Vista Color won the bid.

“Getting into the pharmaceutical industry is very difficult for a printer,” Roque said. “It’s like getting an act of congress.”

Pharmaceutical companies require printers and carton suppliers to strictly follow good management practices and show that they have processes that ensure flawless products.

“You can’t have a missing dot or a misplaced dot,” Roque said. “The dosages for medications must be precise. Sometimes two boxes look very much the same but will hold different products with different dosages. We have to be sure.”

Since 1998, Vista Color steadily built up its business with pharmaceutical firms. Today, they are the company’s top customers.

“From the start, I spoke their language,” Roque said. “And the business took off.”

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7 Nov

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Our custom-printed blister cards are a functional, economical and attractive way to display products. With choices of water-based or solvent based coatings most applications are available. Solvent based coating offers multiple advantages including a more cohesive bond that is 50% stronger with faster dwell times, speeding up production.

They are perfect for PVX, Styrene, PET* or even on RPET (recycled PET).


14 Oct

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14 Oct

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14 Oct

Capital Investment in New Equipment

As Part of an ongoing two year multi-million dollar plan to modernize its facility and finishing equipment Vista Color has recently purchased and installed a Swiss made Bobst® Expertfold 110.

The most technologically advanced folder gluer in the world!

Using modern advances to improve quality, reduce cost and produce a wider variety of carton styles.


  • Fast Set Up times
  • Computer Driven
  • Stored job settings
  • 100% Bar Code Inspections
  • Code verification Systems
  • Ejectors that identify and eliminate defects

Die Cutting

In the die cutting department Vista Color added a new Bobst® Speria 106 die press with C.U.B.E. (Control Module) Technology.

  • 50% faster speeds
  • Faster set up times
  • Improved Quality & Reliability

Die Making

A new Gerber® (Easy Bender) automated rule bender for tooling dies in house.

  • Less waste
  • Better die controls, more accuracy & speed
  • Faster turnaround on dies.

Now we are doing things faster, better and at a lower cost all under one roof.”

-Jess Hernandez, President of Vista Color 


14 Oct

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Vista Color is your solution for all your product needs:

  • Costmetics
  • Hardware
  • Pharmaceutical Printing
  • Folding Cartons
  • Blister Cards
  • Consumer Products



The most widely recognized system on the market today is adaptable for the majority of all coating applications using standard UV and Aqueous coatings, and Blister.

Our TRESU® coating system achieves exceptional coating quality.

Packaging sells at the point of sale and speciality coatings make the difference

Whether its for the impact or functional purpose we have the solution!

Just ask your rep.

BLISTER ADHESION                      UV                               AQUEOUS

  • HIGH IMPACT                            – SPOT                       – GLOSS
  • BARRIER PROTECTION          – FLOOD                    – MATTE
  • SPECIAL EFFECTS                    – HIGH GLOSS         – DULL
  • RAISED UV EFFECTS               – RAISED                   – SOFT TOUCH

“We measure our performance according to the impact that we have in driving your business forward.”